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Jack Smith
Chief Information Officer
270-328-1557 or 270-674-1557

Tom Watson
District Desktop Technician
270-328-4934 or 270-674-4934


Michael Gross
LAN Technician
270-328-4935 or 270-675-4935


Randall Neal
District Network Technician
270-328-4937 or 270-674-4937


Tina Nance
Computer Lab Technician
270-328-2306 or 270-674-2306 


Dana Dowdy
Digital Learning Coach

District Technology Plan

PowerOn Digital Program

Technology Integration Instructional Resources

Graves County Tech Hub

Acceptable Use Policy

All persons that access a GCS network and district technology resources must submit a signed AUP before being allowed permission to use.

District Technology Purchasing Portal

Purchasing resources for Graves County Schools. Here you will find all of the technology components that have been chosen as a standard for our district.  

District Portal

At-Home Technology Purchasing Portal

Graves County Students and Staff can enjoy the same discounts as the district! From computers to software, you can leverage the purchasing power for you!

At-Home Portal