21-22 KSA Scores Released


The Kentucky Department of Education publicly released state assessment scores on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, reflecting data from the 2021-22 school year.  This release marks the first in our new state accountability system.  The new system’s reporting translates raw score data into five color-coded category ratings in an attempt to better communicate overall performance.  The schools receive ratings from very high (blue) to very low (red) for each of the six state indicators listed below:


Six Indicators of School Performance

  1. State Assessment Results in reading and math

  2. State Assessment Results in science, social studies, and writing

  3. English Learning Progress

  4. Quality of School Climate and Safety

  5. Postsecondary Readiness (high school only)

  6. Graduation Rate (high school only)


Overall Performance Rating Range

BLUE - highest rating/very high




RED  - lowest rating/very low


Graves County Elementary Schools received a combined overall ‘Green’ high rating on the 21-22 Kentucky Summative Assessment (KSA).  Graves County Middle School also received an overall ‘Green’ high rating.  Graves County High School’s raw score fell only 0.4 lower than the ‘Green’ performance cut score, resulting in a ‘Yellow’ overall rating.  


Secondary Instructional Supervisor Allyssa Binkley comments, “As a district, we set high expectations for our students, and they always rise to meet them.  We are thankful to have students, staff and parents who value education and want the best for our youth. Graves County continues to provide exceptional educational experiences in and out of the classroom for our students to grow not only academically, but into successful citizens. I'm proud of our scores, and know moving forward we will continue to soar!”


Individually as elementary schools, both Fancy Farm Elementary School and Farmington Elementary School received the highest possible rating with an overall school performance ranked in ‘Blue.’  Central Elementary, Sedalia Elementary, and Symsonia Elementary had high overall ratings in ‘Green.’  Wingo Elementary had an overall performance rating of ‘yellow.’  


“I am extremely proud of the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of our staff and students.  These attributes, along with tremendous parent support, help learning thrive in our schools,” states Elementary Instructional Supervisor Amanda Henson.  “We approach each day with high expectations for student success to prepare them for limitless futures ahead.” 


Other KSA data highlights with ‘Blue’ very-high ratings were Symsonia  Elementary’s combined science, social studies, and writing scores.  Sedalia Elementary ranked ‘Blue’ very-high in science, social studies, and writing as well.  Farmington Elementary and Fancy Farm Elementary received ‘Blue’ very-high ratings in reading and math.  Graves County High School’s postsecondary readiness also received accolades with a ‘Blue’ very-high rating.  


Superintendent Matthew Madding adds, “We use data as a tool for improvement in Graves County Schools throughout the year.  Summative state assessment scores give us another opportunity to celebrate our successes and examine opportunities for growth.  Receiving a 'blue' rating in postsecondary readiness was especially exciting as it aligns with our system's ultimate goal of every student in Graves County Schools being prepared for their next step following graduation.  I am very thankful to our faculty and staff for their efforts and investment in the students of Graves County Schools.”


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