District School Year Calendars

Last Updated: 1/12/2022 3:58 PM

School Calendar 2021-2022 Graphical 

school calendar

District Calendar Committee Members

  • District principal:  Janet Throgmorton
  • District Office Administrator other than the Superintendent:  Christy Puckett
  • Local Board members:  Ronnie Holmes and Kenneth House
  • 2 Parents of students attending a school in the district:  Ashley Briant and Amber Murphy
  • District Elementary Teacher:  Debbie Jones
  • District Middle Teacher: Trey Chambers
  • District High School teacher:  Whitney Clark
  • 2 District Classified employees:  Cozette Madding and Libby Johnson
  • 2 Community members from the local chamber of commerce, business community, or tourism commission:  Denise Thomspon, and Brooke Wiles

2022-2023 Calendar Information

School Calendar 2022-2023 

2022-2023 Calendar Committee

Principal:  Melissa Paul

District Office Administrator:  Christy Puckett

Board Member:  Ronnie Holmes

Parents:  Tristen Frick and Tracie Mahan

Elementary Teacher:  Alison Pendel

Middle School Teacher:  Craig Fuqua

High School Teacher:  Emily Redden

District Classified Employees:  Teresa Womble and Marina Bass

Community Members:  Ricky Binkley and Jennifer Walker