Urban Planners


Graves County High School students were able to attend the Urban Planners Open House hosted at the Mayfield-Graves County Chamber of Commerce on Friday, August 26, 2022. Selected senior representatives joined other community members at the public event to learn about current ideas and provide additional input in the planning process to rebuild Mayfield following the destruction of the tornado last December.

The group was welcomed by Bell Engineering Urban Planner Mark Arnold and local adults by giving them a seat at the table. The students were assured that their voices were essential in the planning process. As the planning efforts are to create a Mayfield, not for just today, but one to sustain the future. A Mayfield that is thriving, one that they will want to live in, contribute to, and plant their roots for generations to come, is the goal.

Lukin Rogers, a GCHS engineering pathway student, is interested in pursuing city planning as a career following graduation and was one of the students in attendance. He was excited about the firsthand experience.

“I brought up an idea for a food truck area to set up around 10th Street, near Broadway. We also discussed a dinner train that could travel the tracks from Paducah to Fulton, Kentucky, each Friday night,” says Rogers.

Senior Alexa Raney adds, “The train could stop midway on its journey in Mayfield for those traveling from Paducah to be able to explore and enjoy a shopping experience.”

Bringing visitors to the area was important to the students as they shared other ideas for developing specific areas on the planning maps with tourism in mind. Students were interested in the concept of open areas to gather for community events, along with creating nature trails and additional shopping and dining options.

One thing is certain as plans continue to come together; our students are proud of our community: Its strength, its vision, and its future. 

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