Graves County Schools honor teacher Lori Atterberry, bus driver Dwayne Holmes February 2017 Eagles of Excellence

The Graves County School District recently presented its February 2017 Eagle of Excellence Awards. The district recognizes both a certified employee (such as teachers and principals) and a classified employee (such as cafeteria workers, custodians, and bus drivers) each month for exhibiting excellence in their work. The winners were chosen by a committee where all names and identifiers were removed from the nomination forms. Each recipient was awarded $50 donated by Renaissance Learning, an Eagle of Excellence lanyard, and a sign to be displayed in each winner's yard for a month. February recipients are Wingo teacher Lori Atterberry and bus driver Dwayne Holmes.

Wingo principal Scott Bradley nominated Atterberry, writing, “Even though she is a new team member to Wingo Elementary School, she quickly has earned the respect and admiration of all her peers. She works tirelessly with special needs students. She truly is an advocate for them and believes they should be able to participate in anything other classroom students do. She goes out of her way, both in and out of school. Recently, she saw one of her students at Wal-mart and the dad needed some help. So, Mrs. Atterberry volunteered to take this student around Wal-mart while the dad shopped. This is but one example of many. She is a crucial family member at Wingo. If I had to quickly describe her, I would say, ‘simply amazing!’ Atterberry is pictured here with Bradley to her left and district Director of Personnel and HR Amanda Henderson to her right.

Penny Rowe of the district’s transportation department nominated the classified employee honored this month, writing, “Dwayne Holmes is a prime example of going above and beyond the call of duty. His job as a full-time substitute bus driver takes him in different directions each day. He can be in Symsonia one morning, and Water Valley the next. Dwayne is prepared to do whatever the day’s needs require, and often on short notice. On those rare occasions when he isn't assigned to a route, you will find him on the bus parking lot, fueling his co-workers’ buses or cleaning their windshields! Arrive on a cold morning and there’s Dwayne, starting and warming buses for drivers and students. When a problem arises, Dwayne is one of the first ones to volunteer to stay over and assist. He does all this, without being asked, because he loves his co-workers and the students of the Graves County Schools! Dwayne Holmes is indeed an Eagle of Excellence!” Holmes is pictured here with Rowe to his right and to his left Superintendent Kim Dublin.

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