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Superintendent Kim Dublin
“Join Our Energy Bus!”

Author Jon Gordon’s highly-popular book now sweeping the country begins with his main character, George, finding his only way to work is public transportation. He resents it at first, but then learns life lessons from “The Energy Bus.”

He finds that you have to take responsibility for your bus, that your bus depends on you, and that it’s all about energy!

George gradually finds tremendous power in positive energy. He learns that you get energy by inviting people on to your bus and by sharing your vision with them for the road ahead.

He determines that the enemy of energy is negativity and you shouldn’t waste your energy on those who don’t “get on the bus.” He decides to counter people who drain his energy by posting a sign: “No energy vampires allowed!”

George also realizes that the goal is not to be better than anyone else, but rather to be better than you were yesterday.

He discovers that e-motion stands for energy in motion. Your emotional state is all about how the energy flows through you. You can take control of your emotions, charge yourself up, and let the positive energy flow! The key to this change is your heart! You must lead with your heart!

It’s all about communicating effectively and contagiously with others! Enthusiasm attracts more passengers on to your bus, energizing them on the ride!

George’s greatest epiphany is that enthusiasm is important, but love is the answer! He realizes that what people most want is simply love. That’s because love inspires us to drive with purpose, to have fun, and to enjoy the ride!

If you haven’t read Jon Gordon’s “The Energy Bus,” climb on board! My hope for you is that this school year makes for an enjoyable, productive, and invigorating ride!


Kim Dublin
Graves County Schools
In the Graves County School District, we believe:
  • All students can learn and rise to our expectations.
  • Everything we do should be student-centered.
  • Teachers influence learning more than any other factor.
  • Students learn more when authentically engaged.
  • As a team, schools, parents and communities help students reach their highest potential.
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